Recovering After The Holidays

The holidays season is coming to an end, but unfortunately our bills are still rolling in! Don’t let the aftermath of the holidays get you down, because there are a few ways to get yourself back on track.


1)    Take A Look at The Damage

Look at how much you spent this holiday season. This includes holiday parties, food, gifts, and any other related expenses.



2)    Credit Cards

Look at your credit card statements and see which ones have the highest interest rates. The ones with the highest interest rates are the ones you want to pay off first.

credit cards.gif


3)    Put Yourself on A Budget

For the next two months put yourself on a no spending spree. If it’s not a necessity do not purchase it!



4)    Pay More

Use your savings to pay those high interest credit cards and if possible pay more than the minimum payment.

money 2.gif


I hope these tips help you keep calm and continue saving. I’ll have more tips on how to budget in the new year so stay tuned!



Stay Young & Be Free,