Record Breaking Snow Fall in Michigan!

We've all had to deal with that cold-fluffy-white stuff this season. Apart from sledding, snowball fights and delicious hot cocoa indoors, the snow has seemed pretty... tedious. All of that slip and slide driving paid off though cause guess what guys? We're a part of history!

Despite it being mid-April, Detroit got 3.1 inches of snow last night. In total, Detroit received 94.8 inches of snow this year so far (hopefully that's all we receive...)  

But to put that into perspective, that's 7 feet, 10.8 inches of snow. That's about a foot taller than Lebron James.

The former record was set in 1880-81 at the snow fall of 93.6 inches. Looks like 2013-14 whooped some snowfall butt. Now that it's broke the record, hopefully the snow decides to be done for the year ;)

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