Random, Fun & Free: Woodland Hills Park


It's finally starting to feel a little bit like summer around here in Southeastern Michigan, and that means we should try to find things to do to enjoy the great outdoors.
If you're not lucky enough to own a pool or a similarly enjoyable outdoor space, there are still places you can go to get some summer sun!
Even though Metro Detroit is a pretty suburban area, Woodland Hills Park in Farmington Hills offers a great place to take an afternoon hike.  The park is a sanctuary for plants and animals and exists to protect them, but there are still opportunities for recreation.  The trails have been minimally affected by humans and retain much of their natural ruggedness.
Of course, you can always just head on over to your local park for a picnic or an "old-fashioned" run on the swings. Sometimes, it's fun to just be a kid again! (. . . or every day . . . )
Stay awesome!