R.A.K Update!


Keeping you up-to-date on Random Acts of Kindness


For the past 9 days, I’ve been on a mission to be kinder than usual to the world. And it’s been a lot of fun.

I’ve done everything from picking up trash on the beach, to passing out ring pops, to leaving chocolate around for friends and family, to giving a five dollar gift card to the man waiting in line behind me at McDonald’s. While it is nice doing these things for other people, I cannot stress enough how nice it is for me to see the smiles on their faces. There TRULY is something uplifting about helping others. By helping others, I’ve realized I really also help myself.

But before I go into a tangent on that, let me sway off the road a little and go into a tangent about something else. Doing acts of kindness made me question how often acts of kindness are performed regularly in the day-to-day world.

While passing out FREE ring pops during the Fourth of July, people could not believe they were actually free. I was asked a few times what the catch was. And some people would just walk away, trying to save themselves from the evil that may have come from these “free” ring pops (there was no evil – the ring pops were actually free.) I didn’t even have a spiel to give.

I experienced the same thing when handing the 5 dollar McDonald’s gift card to the man behind me in line. At first, he was also convinced there was a catch, even though there wasn’t.

What surprised me here was that when you do decide to do something nice for someone, that person is likely to be taken off guard. As in, it’s unexpected. As in… it doesn’t happen often.

So it made me come to this conclusion:

Acts of Kindness must not happen too often.

People tend to believe there’s some sort of fine print or ulterior motive to kind actions or words even when there isn’t one.

I’d like to make it my mission to make this the new regular, to make true genuine kindness and caring the new normal. 

I will still be performing extra acts of kindness throughout this month and I could still use some help spreading some kindness in the world (so feel free to join me and post about it.)

Until next time :),