Pumpkin Carving & Credit Unions

Happy Friday! 

Today I'm sharing a video I recorded at the beginning of the month when I decided to attempt to carve a pumpkin. I had no idea what I was doing and I was sure I would injure myself in the process. However, I succeeded! No cuts and no blood. Even though my little pumpkin carving was extremely basic, I was still proud of my accomplishment. 

Sometimes when we are dealing with our finances we might feel like we have no idea what we are doing, or how to get the end result we want. But as a member of a Credit Union we have an awesome team supporting us, along with all the tools we need to be a financial success! Don't be afraid to take on the task of managing your finances properly. It's gonna take some work, but I know YOU CAN DO IT! Enjoy your weekend, stay safe and have fun.

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,