Prices are Being SLASHED Right Now

I don't particularly enjoy shopping, but...

If you haven’t been to the mall or stores recently, then you are seriously missing out!  While it might be hard to believe, in the midst of these freezing temperatures, stores have already started putting out SPRING clothing!  Now if you are thinking to yourself “Austin, that sounds ridiculous,” don’t get too skeptical just yet.  This is actually a moment of great opportunity for any shoppers out there trying to stick to a budget.

Before the department stores can start rolling out their spring lines, they first need to make a little room on the shelves.  What this means for us are some serious price cuts on winter clothing!  I’m talking 40-60% cuts on almost everything in these stores.  It’s seems like no matter what place you go into, they are all desperately trying to get rid of their overstock from the holidays!

Shopping bags.jpg

Lucky for me, I had procrastinated when it came to taking back a few of my Christmas gifts that didn’t fit.  When I went into the department stores today to return my items, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to walk out with MORE than I had walked in with…. all without spending any money!

I know it probably sound like I’m bragging a little bit here, but I honestly wanted to share this with you guys so that you all could get out there and take advantage of these awesome sales too!  We still have plenty of cold weather ahead and could all stand to pack on a few extra layers over the next couple of months!  So if your still waiting to gets some returns done or are lacking in the sweater department, get out to the mall a.s.a.p. and enjoy all of the post holiday sales!  Happy shopping!

Until next time,