Preventing (or dealing with!) Identity Theft


I would steal someone's identity. WAIT! Let me be clear: I would steal someone's identity in a Freaky Friday-like switch, but not with Lindsay Lohan. Probably Emma Watson. How would you like Emma Watson to be your YF Michigan Spokester?
She's eligible as long as she becomes a member, right?
Identity theft is a big deal. It can be ruinous, especially because sometimes you won't even know it's happening! It's not just unauthorized credit card charges. People with your personal information can open bank accounts, commit insurance fraud, get new credit cards, etc etc all in your name. 
This article from the New York Times gives advice on how to prevent identity theft and, in the unfortunate event that it happens to you, how to deal with it.
Many financial institutions and credit card companies have fraud protection services, but it's more important to stay up to date on what's going on in your name than to rely on these protections -- they're not fail-safe!
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