5 Ways to Help Manage your Stress


It's officially that time of year again. School is back in full swing, we've got a bit of time before any breaks come up, AND it's been snowing like CRAZY. If that isn't enough to stress you out, there's always the girlfriend (or boyfriend,) work, and daily household things that can be PRETTY stressful. So in the mess of this stress, I want to share FIVE helpful tips from the American Psychological Association to help you manage stress.

1. Give yourself some space from what's stressing you out! 

When talking about whatever is stressing you, The American Psychological Association said, "But when you give yourself permission to step away from it, you let yourself have time to do something else, which can help you have a new perspective or practice techniques to feel less overwhelmed."

2. Exercise.


I know whenever I'm tense, running helps me feel a TON better, like a load's been lifted off my back. Even a good 12 minutes of running makes me feel way better, and less stressed. 

3. Smile a little!

I've just recently found out (again, from the American Psychological Association,) that "ur brains are interconnected with our emotions and facial expressions." So get this - smiling will actually help you feel a little less stressed, and a little more relieved 

4. Get some support.

Connecting with other people is like taking a ton of bricks off of your back. Find someone who you can trust and who is SUPPORTIVE, AKA a good friend. There's nothing like kind words to help make you feel better :).    (I'm also always available at YoungFreeMichigan@Gmail.com)

5. Meditate.

This is the only tip on this list I haven't tried before... but, I know next time I'm stressed, I'm going to try it. According to the American Psychological Association, "When practicing a form of mindfulness, people can release emotions that may have been causing the body physical stress. Much like exercise, research has shown that even meditating briefly can reap immediate benefits."

So guys, if you're feeling a little (or SUPER) stressed out, get some good "me" time in and take a breather! You've got to be in a good mental state of mind to get quality work done anyways. So get yourself in that state of mind, and try using one of those five tips to take off some of the stress :).

Until next time,