Play Muscle Music!

Old Spice strikes advertising gold again with it's latest viral video campaign.

Here's some background as reported by Fast Company today.

The latest spot for Old Spice starts off in typically insane fashion. Perpetually amped spokesman Terry Crews is seated, stripped down to tiny red shorts, with EKG sensor pads all over his body. He’s completely surrounded by musical instruments and other odd equipment that looks like it up and walked off the set of Peewee’s Playhouse. In other words, we are in familiar territory. It’s only once the ad ends that the proceedings truly venture off the beaten path.

In “Muscle Music,” those sensors on Crews’ body are rigged to corresponding musical instruments. Each time the massive spokesman flexes his muscles, a note of some kind sounds--most memorably, perhaps, a “flame sax” at one point. After the ad is over, though, comes the ultimate Easter Egg: Users can actually “play” the strange orchestra themselves.

The interactive part is awesome, although it seemed to be hit or miss on my computer to get it working. have some fun with it!

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