Planning a Last-Minute Spring Break? It Could Save You Big Money!

Spring break is around the corner. It’s one of those breaks that either: 1) sneaks up on you, 2) becomes a ball of chaos because none of your friends can come to a general consensus on where to go, or 3) it seems too expensive. Most people assume that by now, it’s too late to plan a trip because prices are too high. Maybe? But maybe not. Sometimes, last minute traveling can save you money. Here are some options for saving while planning your trip, or for when you’re on it.

Here are a few quick tips:

1. Frequently Check Rates Even After Booking Your Hotel

If your reservation is refundable, keep checking the prices after you book it. Many times, prices will decrease as the date get closer, with hopes that they will fill more vacant rooms. In this case, you can cancel your current reservation and rebook for the cheaper price.

2. Eat breakfast at your hotel.

You know, that free breakfast that you always sleep through? Wake your friends up in enough time to go grab some food… even if you go back to sleep afterward. Usually, food is one of the biggest expenses when you go on vacation. Cutting out breakfast will save you so much money.

3. Last minute airfare?

Travelzoo is awesome for booking flights in the eleventh hour. Sometimes they’re even cheaper than if you book far in advance. But should try to at least book 2-weeks before your departure.

4. Be flexible with where you want to go!

If you have your mind set on one particular place, then you might be out of luck with going anywhere. Keep your options open because you might find an epic deal for a place you wouldn’t have even thought of. One of my favorite ways to look up flight prices is through Google Flights!

Happy Spring Break!

Be Easy,