Philosophize This: Plato's Closet

Trends come and go. Fashion constantly evolves. What was "in" last season could be completely gross this season, and vice versa. So why spend piles of money ca$h on clothing that could be unwearable in a few months?

A hidden gem in Metro Detroit is Plato's Closet, a resale shop that buys and sells gently used brand-name clothing at discount prices. Think of it as a more upscale thrift store. Dedicate enough time to your local Plato's Closet store and you can find some amazing deals on stuff that normal costs an arm and a leg.
A few summers ago, I found a Kate Spade bag - normally retailing at about $300 - for $16! The only thing wrong with it was a worn patch on the interior liner, but no one can see that. It's not just for girls, either. There are plenty of men's shirts, sweaters, jeans, and shorts, too, not to mention shoes!
Check out for more information and locations. I promise, your style and your wallet will thank you! Be forewarned, though, don't go there if you're in a hurry. You will want plenty of time to dig through the treasure!
Stay awesome!