If you have not noticed, it is extremely cold outside.  I for one do not like cold weather at all. I much prefer the hot dry heat of the sun pulling toxins out of my body...aka sweat, over the numb feeling of my fingers when I walk from my car to the front door. 

Because I have strong feelings about this, it is a little easier to complain. I am determined to maintain a positive attitude through the rest of the winder and find things to be grateful for instead.  

This morning when I left my house at 7am it was -9 degrees outside. But I could not help but be grateful. Grateful that I have a car with working heat. Grateful that I have a home and warm blankets. Grateful that I have a job to help provide for food, warm clothes and a heating bill! 

While most of us are complaining about the cold, while sipping a venti caramel macchiato, and wearing a big puffy North Face jacket while driving in our own car, others are in desperate need for basic things to keep them warm this winter. So instead of complaining about the cold, maybe we should 1. Be more grateful and maybe even 2. Do something to help others in need this winter. 

I'm not writing this blog to place guilt on us for having nice things or being provided for. But, I am suggesting that we should be more dedicated to having a grateful attitude during times we might not appreciate so much.

Reach out to your community and see if you can donate any gloves, blankets or even some canned goods! But most of all remember to be grateful in every situation.

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,