Over 1.1 Billion People Around the World Live on $1 a Day

Aly, my friend and fellow Spokester from Young & Free Indiana, shared an awesome blog, talking about how millions of people get by on just $1 a day. That's only $365 a year. It's hard to imagine, but it's extremely eye opening.

Check it out!

"Hey everyone,

Budgeting your money might seem like an annoying, impossible, or even pointless task. What's the point? Especially when living paycheck to paycheck - it doesn't exactly leave much room for savings to grow, right? Or maybe you don't feel like you need to budget because you're sitting quite well financially at the moment.

Imagine being in a totally different situation. Real, undeniable poverty.

This heartbreaking, yet humbling video might change the way you look at, feel, and think about your own financial situation - your budget plan, your spending and saving habits, and your income.

" . . . over 1.1 billion people around the world survive on just $1 per day."

Those living in extreme poverty across the globe struggle, and yet succeed, in stretching every last cent.

The young filmmakers in this short video talk with just a few of the people living in this situation about how they manage to simply survive on a daily basis with so little money, let alone save for major expenses like home repairs and sending their children to school.

Just a little food for thought...

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This blog really made me think and encourages me to be grateful for what I do have.

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