Only Pick Two: Good Grades, Social Life or Sleep

Seriously?  Only Pick Two?!

As a full time college student who has been a leader in multiple organizations and has always held more than one job, I am here to tell you that you don’t have pick two.  You CAN have a social life, enough sleep and good grades all at the same time!  It may not be easy, but it is possible IF you are willing to fight for it.  
The first and most important step to achieving balance in your life is recognizing all the different hats you wear.  Busy, young adults wear all types of hats at different times.   Each hat represents a different responsibility that governs the way you manage your time.  For example, let’s look at the hats that I wear and break them down into what they mean 

Austin’s Hats


Family – What I consider to be my most important hat.  My family hat includes the responsibility that I have to be a dedicated and loving boyfriend, son, brother, grandson etc. 
Work – My work hat obviously represents my role as the Young & Free Spokester!  If you are a person that has multiple jobs, you would have more than one work hat.
Student – My student hat is my dedication to being diligent in all my classes.  For many college students, your student hat will come before your work hat.
President – I am currently the president of my fraternity and honorary society on campus.  While I am not paid to hold either of these positions, this hat represents a huge time commitment on my part.  These organizations mean the world to me and I want to make sure they succeed!
Friend – Believe it or not, I do have friends…My friend hat is sometimes the hardest to manage though because my friends always want to go out!  When I have other responsibilities to manage, saying no can be hard!
ME – Yes, there is such thing as a ME hat!  This is the hat that dedicates time for me to get my own personal stuff done!  This includes errands, grocery shopping, sleeping and, of course, mental health breaks!
Okay so now you have your list of hats, but what do you do with it?  You absolutely, without question, must prioritize them.  If you were presented with two responsibilities at the same time, which one would typically need to be handled first?  This can be tricky to do because sometimes your list will change order—that is perfectly natural!  However, having a general order can help you break that giant to-do list down into baby steps.   It essentially creates a prioritized list so you can deal with things as they are thrown at you without feeling overwhelmed by everything on your plate.  When you know what is most important, your tasks and problems become easier to tackle, causing less stress and allowing more time for your other ventures.
But remember, after you prioritize, you can’t just throw the list away.  Post it on your wall!  If a wall doesn’t work, then put them on your cubical, desktop, mirror or somewhere that you will be forced to look at them.   Not only is it a great system to refer back to, it’s a great way to start off what you know will be a hectic day because it automatically helps you organize your tasks, reducing stress and giving you a feeling of control! More importantly, creating this list and living by it will allow you to wear all your different hats and enjoy everything life throws at you!
Until next time!