Online Scholarship Opportunities


Everyone knows how expensive school can be, and if you don’t know, I’m sure you’re soon to find out. Yet while all the expenses of school go up, scholarship opportunities  grow as well. Scholarships can REALLY help off-set the price of pricey colleges and universities. There are quite a few websites out there that offer scholarship opportunities, but some that I found most helpful include: - Not only does fastweb offer a variety of scholarships, the website displays many internship opportunities offered by a variety  companies, as well as sweepstakes, school advice and finical advice.  And judging by the research I’ve conducted on fastweb, it seems pretty safe to me. The website has been around for a while and they're reputable. - This website also offers the newest and a variety of scholarships, as well as college-related advice. – This is the third and final scholarship website I thought was worth checking out. They have a lot of scholarships specifically related to the person applying and are also, from what I know, trustworthy.

And while websites like these have YOUR best interest in mind, not everyone else does. There are fraudulent “scholarship opportunities” out there. Some key things to keep in mind while you’re scholarship fishing over the web are:


Don’t pay to apply.


Even if they claimed you’ve won!  If you’re applying for a scholarship and they ask for money, chances are it’s a scam. Scholarships are meant to help students out, not make a profit off of them. So if and when you’re applying, and a website asks for your credit card number, don’t give it. They definitely do not need your credit card information to see whether or not you’re “eligible” for a certain scholarship! When in doubt, close that tab out!

Another red flag to look out for is if in the initial phase of your application, the website asks for an ABUNDANCE of information. You should not have to give out a social security number when sending in an application. IF THEY DO ask for a SSN later on in the application process, call the company and talk to a real-life person; make sure you do your research.

Doing your research on any scholarship you apply for is dire. It won’t hurt to check out the company first, so make sure you do.


They're worth looking into.

In the long run, scholarships are REALLY going to help you out. Less money you have to pay for school means less loans, which means less interest… So try to save yourself some money by applying for scholarships now! Whether it takes you ten minutes or a couple of hours, it’ll be worth it in the long run.


Until next time,