One week to go!

It's crunch time! We've had five fantastic applicants come in so far and we know there are plenty more of you working on your videos and blog posts. If Young & Free history repeats itself from other regions, we know that there will be a mad rush this weekend filled with last-minute applications.

Why get your application in before the rush?

  • You will potentially stand out from the crowd
  • It will give you more time to build a following—if you make the finalists, you'll need all the support you can gather
  • You can take the weekend off
  • You can reduce the amount of stress—it never fails that a slow YouTube upload makes a last-minute application or two late—and there are absolutely no late applications accepted

Remember, the application deadline is Monday, April 4 at noon Eastern. We can't wait to see your application!

The Y&F Michigan Team