Life Lessons on my Birthday...

Due to Veterans Day Michigan First Branches will be closed tomorrow, but don’t worry you can still get a hold of us at 365LIVE, our 24 hours a day, 365 days a year member call center (800.664.3828) and pull out cash in our 24 hour a day lobby’s or Co-Op Network ATM’s!

Today is a fun day for me, because it’s my birthday! 24 years ago today, I arrived. Thanks to my mom and dad I have had a fun life with some crazy experiences. For my 24th Birthday I thought I would share a few of my life lessons.

1.    Paying bills is no fun. You might have the urge to move out of your parents house as soon as you can, but trust me, if you have the luxury of staying there longer, DO IT! Living at home for just an extra 6 months will help you build a savings account, pay off any credit card or auto loan debt and get ready financially for the real world.

2.    Having more money doesn’t solve anything. Having more discipline and more organization does! So start and stick to a budget now.

3.    Eye contact matters. Whether you are applying for a job, meeting someone at a party or someone seems like they are walking a little too close to you in the parking lot- Always make eye contact it shows confidence, awareness and fearlessness.  

4.    Shopping should not be a hobby. It used to be my favorite hobby. 

5.    Learn how to cook. I’m still learning but it’s an important life skill and will save you money too.

6.    If you are nice to people, generally speaking, people will be nice to you! I try to connect with people everywhere I go. Whether I’m smiling at strangers, or striking up conversations at coffee shops or events I know those things can turn into an awesome opportunity or friendship.

7.    Drama will come. Some people are crazy and that’s just the way it is. Take a deep breath, smile nod, and bring head phones to work if you can. J

8.    The worst thing they could say is no.  Always ask, write the proposal at work, say the crazy idea you through of, be honest about what you want, because the worst thing they could say is no.

9.    Life is a crazy roller coaster ride. There are highs and lows in life. If you feel like you’re at a low point, don’t give up that means it can only go up from there!  

10.  Friends are important. Even if you are an introverted homebody, you need some friends that will stand in your corner, cheer for you, celebrate with you, cry with you and believe in you. If your friends don’t do that, they aren’t a real friend. I am so grateful I have those kinds of friends.

I could keep going on and on, but I will end the blog here signing off as a now 24 year old lady! Cheers to many more joy filled birthdays! I’m excited to learn more about life and make some crazy awesome memories.

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,