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Today was such a beautiful day! I spent most of my day filming for my new October video series, which I am excited about!

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Anyways, today's blog is all about the trending fashion statement of Toms. I have 4 pairs of toms myself and I love them all! Toms can be worn during any season. They are comfortable, and when you buy any Toms product, you are financing a donation as well! Their website says they currently give shoes, sight and water in 78 countries! Wow, they are not just selling cool, trending products, but they are helping people in need with their profits! Brooklyn Backpack

Toms is no longer just a pair of canvas shoes. They now have sunglasses, bags, boots, clothing and accessories! The Toms trend has not stopped but has continued to grow! Toms are not the cheapest pair of shoes, but I will say they are a comfortable and versatile pair of shoes you won't be disappointed with.

Check out their website to see all of the new Toms products. 

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