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Have you set any goals for 2015 yet? Well, if you haven't I think you should. It doesn't have to be something crazy hard and deep, but can simply be something to improve life. Something like, dedicating time to read, or time to clean up, or maybe volunteering more, or the oh so poplar get fit resolution. 

Those are all great goals to have. I recently learned that when you set a goal for yourself you should start small, start with something that is well within reach.

So, if someone wanted to loose 50 pounds this year I would suggest their resolution would be to spend a specific amount of time working out every week. 50 pounds might seem like a lot, but when your goal becomes, go to the gym for 3 hours a week, thats much less intimidating and its a great start! 

Maybe your goal is to drink more water and cut out the soda. I have attempted to do this many times and have gone long periods without soda, but I jump back on the soda band wagon not long after. So instead of getting disappointed in myself for having a soda, my goal will be to drink  3 liters of water a day (That's almost a gallon, but it sounds much easier when I say 3 liters.) 

Start with something achievable that will help you get to the big picture goal.

A goal of having $20,000 in savings sounds almost unachievable right now and is kinda overwhelming, but instead if we stay dedicated to saving a specific amount every pay check that goal will be achieved... eventually and we will have so much peace because of it. 

No matter the goal, you will need to keep the big picture in mind and focus on the small task at hand. Don't get discouraged when something doesn't go as well as you planned and don't give up when you feel like you failed. Tomorrow is always a new day and there is always time for you to reach those goals. 

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