Now Trending: Michigan First ROCKS! (Team Building Day!)

Hello Young & Free Michigan, 

If you follow me on social, which you totally should, you probably noticed that yesterday  was Michigan First Credit Union's Team Building Day! It was a day full of  encouragement, empowerment, education and fun! It was really awesome to be able to spend time with people from different teams within the Credit Union that I don't get to see often!  Team building day made me appreciate Michigan First Credit Union even more. Michigan First is full of inavative progress and compassion for people. Michigan First understands what it means to be excellent and knows what it takes to achieve excellence. I'm being completely honest in saying I have so much respect for my Credit Union as a whole and I am so blessed to be apart of the team at Michigan First. Team building day was important! It also got me thinking that we should have "personal building days." A day that we set aside to reflect on things we are great at, and areas we need to get better in. A day were we celebrate all of the hard work we have done so far in reaching our personal goals, all while refocusing on why we set those goals in the first place.  You can be a great manager of your finances and with determination and goal setting you will be a great manager of your finances! 

P.S.- Rename My Ride is still going on, so ENTER!  Also, Michigan First is having a car sale this Thursday and Friday! Check out the specials, 

Keeping it Fresh Young & Free,