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What Ebeth? You are writing about a Disney show? Yes, yes I am.  

Just about every 20 something year old I know is watching this Disney channel show, shamelessly. I am included in that generalization. Although, I don't have any real stats, or fact about the production of the show, I do know that it's a good show! (Sorry, if you don't have cable.. I won't spoil the show for you, and YAY! GO YOU! WAY TO SAVE MONEY!) 

I believe that one of the reasons why we love this show so much is that it brings us back. Back to a time when we didn't have as much worry or concern, a time when Cory thought Tapanga was gross, a time where our only real responsibility was doing our homework. I honestly think it makes us remember, "the good old days."

"Ok, grandma Ebeth, what else?" I also think that the show deals with real life issues in a very peaceful way. This makes us connect even more with the show and the characters in it. Yes, it is possible for a grown person to learn and reflect on life from watching a Disney channel show. Disney people are just the best kind of people. 

The last reason why we love that show so much, in my personal opinion, is, the show is amazingly cast! We love Cory and Topanga and then surprising us with others from Boy Meets World through out the series! Not to mention the fantastic job they did to maintain cory and Topanga's personality and silly ways. 

So today's blog was not anything remotely about money, but it is about something I believe we are making a trending topic. Girl Meets World has the great ability to, bring us back all while bringing us up!  I want to bring that same, peaceful and encouraging affect to every relationship I have and I hope you do to.

Keeping it Fresh Young & Free,