Not Planes, Not Trains, But Automobiles!

You've seen the commercials: "15 minutes could save you 15% or more on your car insurance." "Are you in good hands?" "Like a good neighbor . . . "

So you've shopped around for your auto insurance. You've made phone calls, Internet searches, YouTubed commercials to see which ones are funnier. All the important research. Now, it's crunch time: which auto insurance company should you go with?
Sometimes, the question is not which provider to go with. You may find comparable deals at all of the major insurance companies. Making some simple changes can help you get a better rate on auto insurance. And believe me, it's important. Your car transports your LIFE, so it's a big decision! Luckily, we have to help us out.
First, consolidate your policies. Many 18-25 year olds may not have life or homeowners insurance, but if you do, try to go with the same company for all of your insurance needs. Loyalty discounts can help you out a lot. If you're still on your parents' insurance and they make you pay, ask them if they've considered switching or consolidating, or if they already do. Even a $50 savings is money in your pocket!
Next, pick the right kind of car. Sexy, sporty convertibles may look BOSS, but insurance on these chick magnets is through the roof. Insurance rates are calculated based on things like sticker price, color, theft probability, and safety. Going with a safe, modestly priced car can save you some money, and most don't scream "mid-life crisis." Win-win.
Finally - and this is the toughie - improve your credit score. Insurance companies look at your credit score to determine your rates. The lower the credit score, the more the insurance company looks at you as "high risk." So practicing good credit habits can lead to drops on your auto insurance rates.
Of course, there's some other ways you can cut costs - just be sure you're not sacrificing the coverage you need. Your car may be as important to you as your life - and that means you need to first re-think your priorities, and then insure the heck out of it. You can't go on a road trip and belt Lindsey Buckingham songs at the top of your lungs without auto insurance!
Stay awesome!