New v.s. Used

Hey Everybody!

I’ve recently been looking into buying myself a new computer monitor to make my job as the Young & Free Spokester a little easier.  Yes, I have a perfectly good mac, but sometimes it is hard to edit video and have multiple windows open at the same time.  To help complete my future home office space I started shopping for the new Apple Thunderbolt Monitor.  What I quickly found was that it was WAY out of my price range!  Fortunately I happened to stumble upon a portion of Apple and Amazon’s website that offers refurbished or open box items that are often MUCH cheaper!  Here are some examples of what I was able to find!

  • Apple Thunderbolt purchased from the Apple Store - $999.99
  • Refurbished Thunderbolt from the Apple Store - $849.00
  • Used Thunderbolt from Amazon – $800.00
While you may feel a little nervous to buy a refurbished product, it could potentially save you a ton of money!  Just look at the difference between the brand new Thunderbolt and the used one from Amazon.  That’s an almost $200.00 in savings!  While there are also factors to take into consideration when buying from a private seller, it is always best to shop around before you bite the bullet on a large purchase.  At the end of the day no matter what choice you make, you’ll know that you looked at all your options and made the best possible choice!
For now I think I’ll save the Thunderbolt for my wish list…
Until next time,