New Target Price Match Policy!

Happy Thursday Young & Free, 

I was so excited to turn on Good Morning America this morning. I was even more excited to hear their story about the new Target price match guarantee. I took some screen shots of the Target price match guarantee details to share with you. It looks like as long as you have proof of the competing store's price, you can get the price dropped at purchase. Otherwise, you can get the difference refunded within 14 days of your purchase by calling the costumer service line. This is such a great opportunity, especially because stores like Sam's Club, Costco and Amazon are included in the list of stores they will match!

Have you ever bought something at full price, only to find out a few days later the price was cut in half? Well, if you buy an item at Target and then 14 days later you see the item is now on sale at Target, you can get the difference back! So, for all of you Target addicts, keep those receipts and keep your eyes peeled for those price changes. 

I know this new policy is going to save me money and give me more of an excuse to spend even more time at Target. So, I call this a win win! Make sure you read the details on the Target website, which I have linked below. 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,