NEW Couch...Finally

Deal of the Week!

I’ve mentioned it a couple times before on Facebook and Twitter, but just in case anyone out there doesn’t know, I recently moved into a new apartment!  WHOOP!  While it was an awesome and exciting experience, it was also a shock to go from living with five roommates to only living with one.  After moving into my new place I quickly realized how much I had taken for granted the simple but important household items that my previous roommates shared.  The biggest of these was the furniture!  I went from having a fully stocked living room to sitting cross-legged on the carpet while eating ravioli out of a can.  And no, it’s not because I was lazy, it’s because buying new furniture is expensive!
After searching through countless furniture warehouses and retail stores I finally realized that purchasing a brand new couch from the store was simply out of my budget.  After finally coming to terms with this I started searching on sites like Craig’s List and keeping my eyes peeled for estate sales.  Just as I was about to give up again, I finally posted my frustration online via Facebook.   Not even a day later I had two people message me offering up their couches for sale.  Both of them had been saving for a new couch and jumped at the idea of selling their old one to me.  Not only could I provide them with the money right away, but I was a trusted buyer and they knew it was going to a good home (sounds like I’m talking about a cat).

Check it out!

In the end I purchased an $800 couch for $200 and I absolutely love it!  It’s about 8 feet long and in practically mint condition.  It fits well in my living room and doesn’t look like it’s from the 1970’s.  I couldn’t be happier.  All in all, the moral of the story is not to be afraid to reach out to your friends if you’re looking to buy a table, couch or anything for that matter.  Social media is a great way to let people know you’re on the hunt for something.  Many times a simple Facebook status is all it takes to plant a seed in a potential sellers head.  You’d be surprised at how much money that small seed can end up saving you.
Until next time,