New Beginnings Animal Rescue

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A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit New Beginnings Animal Rescue. This is a no kill animal shelter for cats. At New Beginnings Animal Rescue, they take in cats whose owners could no longer afford them and they also save cats from being put down. Prior to arriving at the New Beginnings Animal Shelter, I really did not like cats. But while doing Random Acts of Kindness, I found myself in the middle of Catville. This was my chance to reacquaint myself with cats. And that’s when I realized… cats are actually really cool!

The cats at New Beginnings Animal Rescue were SO nice, outgoing and friendly. I have never met nicer cats in my life. In fact, I find myself saying “I’M A CAT PERSON!”

Once I found out how cute and friendly cats really are, I couldn’t help but imagine where these cats would be without New Beginnings Animal Rescue. They may have been left on the street or they would’ve been put down.  New Beginnings Animal Rescue runs and gets all of its support from donations. Without caring people donating food and supplies, there would be no funding to take care of these precious cats.  Not to mention, New Beginnings Animal Rescue is non-profit 501c3, meaning every donation is tax deductible!

 Some cute cats just waiting to find their new home!

Some cute cats just waiting to find their new home!

So whether you’re in the market for a cute cuddly cat or you want to continue to support New Beginnings Animal Rescue and everything they do for these animals, I promise you will not regret your decision going there.

For more information on New Beginnings Animal Rescue or to get in contact with them, check out their website, NBAR Michigan.


Until next time,

Vicky :)