New App that Makes Parking a Breeze

It's the Night of the Big Concert!

You’ve got the tickets, you’ve made the dinner reservations and you’ve even taken into consideration the time it will take you to get through the pre-concert traffic, but something doesn’t feel right.  Unfortunately this is the result of something that doesn’t hit you until you pull up to the venue…PARKING!
Now maybe it’s just because I am from a small town, but parking is the one thing that I always seem to forget about when headed downtown for a concert or sporting event.  Not only does this make me want to beat my head against the dash, but it too often causes unnecessary stress when I’m trying to make it somewhere on time.  Not to mention, I probably forgot to take cash out before hand, which means GOOD LUCK finding a parking area that will take plastic.
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This is why I’m excited to share with you a new app called Parking Panda!  Parking Panda allows its users to search, price check, reserve and purchase parking spots before heading out the door.  Whether a city goer is downtown for a concert, sporting event or small excursion, he/she can search their nearby location for the cheapest vacant spots without having to drive all over creation looking for one!  
There are a couple down sides though.  First, this app currently only covers the San Francisco Bay area.  Second, the app is only compatible with the iPhone, but will soon work for android phones as well.   However, wouldn’t it be great for Detroit to have something similar?  It would surely save me some time and money!  So be on the lookout for apps like this in the near future OR if you’ve heard of one in this area let us know by commenting below!  I think we can all agree  this would surely save at least some of us a few headaches.
Until next time,