NEVER Give Up!

No one wakes up on this earth and falls asleep without a smeared record. No one’s perfect. Not one person on this earth with air in their lungs is going to do everything perfectly for the rest of their lives, even if they decided they're going to start trying to. But the point is that they're trying. They accept that they're imperfect, and still they decide they're going to do their best to do the right thing and fight whatever problem they may have. And that’s what matters - that they're trying.

We're all little houses.  We all have things locked away in drawers that we pray no one else will ever see. We've all made mistakes. We will probably make mistakes again. This is our decision to make: we can either stay locked up in these houses, fixating on what is deemed to be bad or we can open the door, step into the fresh air of what life is and go for a stroll. We can roll out of bed in the morning and jump into a lake of what will soak us with regret and unhappiness, or we can walk out of the dark to flourish in the sunlight.  These are our choices.  This is your life. It’s your decision.

You have so many days to decide how you want to spend each day you're alive.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we're all flawed. No one’s perfect. We've struggled with something. We let these things lock us in our houses in the dark. We let these things spoil our relationships, our jobs, our dreams, our hopes. We let these things control us; we let them become us.     But we don't have to.    These flaws, these mistakes, these things that bring us down are not who we are. We are not our mistakes; we are much more than that. We can overcome anything we struggle with. And we can have relationships and jobs and hopes and dreams while we overcome those struggles.

Do not limit yourself because you're imperfect. Instead, unlock the door to your deep dark secrets, air them out, make them clear, and overcome them. Instead, walk out of the dark in your lonely house and step into the sunlight. Live your life the way you are, day to day, and get better.

You can be anything you want to be.

And as they say, “it may not be easy, but it'll be worth it.”


Until next time, 

Vicky :)