NerdWallet's Airline Fee Comparison Tool

Ahh, summer is approaching. We can see it! Taste it! Smell it! Hear it! FEEL IT!


Some might say summer is "just around the river bend." Hehe. (source)
While many people (myself included) are past the days of summer meaning "break time," some of us will still get to take that summer vacation, even if it is much shorter than the three-full-months-of-pure-joy we used to experience in grade school. If you're lucky enough to be able to take a break and you're thinking about hopping on a jet plane, the New York Times recently featured a kick-butt new tool to help you find the best airfare.
NerdWallet just unveiled a search-and-compare airline fee tool on their website. Not only does it scout for the best airfare, but it highlights all the different fees you might not take into account -- such as checked baggage, seat selection and pet transport fees.
You've probably witnessed the way that too-good-to-be-true $200 round trip ticket to New Orleans suddenly jumps a hundred bucks after all the added fees -- costs that aren't exactly hidden, but don't really jump out at you either. Overweight baggage? That could set you back 50 bucks. On-board refreshments? Another couple of Washingtons. 
I guess it's pretty lucky, then, that the good people at NerdWallet are helping us out! Check out the nifty tool and let me know what you think!
Stay awesome!