My So-Called Money

Feeling a little less Young & Free these days? 

Unfortunately as we grow up, our financial focus changes.  We go from worrying about books, computers, and music to student loans, mortgages and for some of us marriage.   While no one really likes to admit that they are getting older, growing up is something we can’t avoid forever!
Michigan First Credit Union realizes the transition point for those of us who are reaching are late twenties and early thirties can be pretty rough at times.  Especially when trying to manage all our new financial decisions.  That’s why I’m excited to announce Michigan First’s new blog, My So-Called Money!  An entire site dedicated to helping you move beyond ramen noodles.  A site dedicated to getting you make smarter, better informed decision when they really count!  Whether that is learning about paying back student loans, shopping for your first house or getting ready to start your own family, you’re in good hands.
Written by our previous Spokesperson, Janelle O’hara, the site is dedicated offering you useful information along your continuing financial journey.  So buckle up and hold on tight.  You’ve got a world of opportunity in front of you!  

Check it out HERE!

Until next time,