My So-Called Money

Getting older is a pretty cool thing when you’re a high schooler or in your early college years.  However, things dramatically change once you hit twenty-one.  While it’s hard for some of us to admit, that good ole 25th  B-Day might just be a little bit closer than we are willing to admit.

If this sounds like you and you aren’t feeling as “Young & Free,” anymore, be sure to check out Michigan First Credit Union’s new blog My So-Called Money!  Written by past Spokester Janelle O’Hara, My So-Called Money helps transition you from those crazy college years to that moment in life where settling down starts to look like a pretty attractive option.

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We’re talking about paying back your student loans, buying your first house, finally investing in a new car or looking to start up your own family!  Just like the Young & Free blog, it’s filled with tips, tricks and hacks on how you can make the most out of your money.   No matter what stage of life you’re at, we could all use a little advice every once in awhile.  So what’s holding you back?  Check out My So-Called Money today and take the first step into transitioning into “real” adulthood!

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