My Savings Machine


You hear all the time about how you should cut back on one little thing per day or week to save money. Heck, I've even told you that! But one New York Times columnist absolutely refuses to give up her daily coffee, because she loves it!
However, Ann Carrns does admit that's new tool, My Savings Machine, is a fun and easy way to tally up how much money you're actually spending on day-to-day little things.  Do you go out to lunch 3 times a week and spend about $8 each time you do? Cutting out $24 a week at a 1% rate of return can save you $1,248 bucks in a year. 
Seriously, check out this tool and play around with the options. One user commented that just by cutting a few expenses a few times a week, he could potentially wipe out his student loan debt.
Try it out and let me know how much you could save by giving up something you like (or don't like!)
Stay awesome!