Being the Spokester changed my life... Part 1

When I accepted the Spokester job with Michigan First Credit Union, I was excited for the journey ahead, but I had no idea that my one year would turn into two years and just how much it would change my life. As I proved that I could handle the responsibilities of being the Spokester, I was given more freedom to be creative and do new things with the Young & Free program. 

I viewed the Young & Free program as a platform to connect with other brand ambassadors, local personalities, and event organizers. Making these personal connections ultimately presented me with more opportunities to give Young & Free a bigger voice. There were several meetings where I remember saying, “Young & Free has so much potential to impact more people, how can we get it there?” My plan was to make as many connections as possible by getting involved in local events and activities.

By attending things like the American Idol live recordings, the Empire meet and greet, the Miss Michigan scholarship pageants, the Special Olympics Summer Games, the Wayne State Farmers Market and more, I was able to make a personal impression with other local platforms who, because of my involvement, knew what Young & Free Michigan was. 

Being the Spokester has required a lot of energy and a ton of creativity. Because of Young & Free Michigan, I have had the opportunity to be more involved in my community than I have ever been before.

I learned that people will recognize you, remember you and want to be a part of your mission – you just have to be a little more passionate, a tiny bit more outgoing, or a little more helpful than the other guys. It doesn’t take much to stand out, but it takes commitment, support, and connections to make a positive impact. 

Being the Spokester has truly changed my life. Being more involved in my community has given me some amazing life experiences and showed me how I can really make a difference. My hope is that the next Spokester takes Young & Free Michigan to the next level. I want Young & Free Michigan to be famous and have a bigger impact on more young adults. To all my hopeful Spokesters, start thinking of ways you can elevate the brand and what you might do differently, or what you want to be involved with when you become the Spokester. This job is unique because it will truly be what you make of it. 

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Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,