Music Monday: Tegan and Sara

Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin, twin sisters, formed the indie rock duo Tegan and Sara in 1995. Not only do these two write their own music, they also both play guitar and keyboard. They have tons of well-known and loved songs like The Con, Back in Your Head, and one of my new personal favorites, I’m Not Your Hero.

I’m Not Your Hero was released in October of 2012, but I heard it for the first time Thursday morning.

Here’s a sneak peek of the lyrics:

“I'm not their hero, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't brave
I never walked the party line, doesn't mean that I was never afraid
I'm not your hero, but that doesn't mean we're not one and the same”


If you want more, you’re going to have to listen to the song below!


Tegan and Sara with their song, I'm Not Your Hero

Keepin' it musical,