Music Monday: Woodkid


Woodkid is not Woodkid as we know him. Woodkid is simply a stage name for Yoann Lemoine. And when he isn’t using his alias, Lemoine does A LOT more than singing and songwriting. He actually started off his career as an illustrator, having his works featured in many different magazines and children’s books in not only France, but also in the United States. During this time, he was also illustrating for 3D ads and music videos. And get this – according to his website, Lemoine is also “working as a film director in media such as video, 8 to 35mm film, 2D and 3D animation, Stop Motion, photography, illustration, painting, screen printing, sculpture, collage, knitting, holograms, and more… I’m a very curious person, constantly looking for avenues of expression that combine those different mediums.” Woodkid, or Lemoine, has also directed music videos for Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Drake AND Rihanna, as well as MANY more artists.

With his eggs in so many baskets, I’m really happy he decided to put some into singing and songwriting. His music is VERY different, but it’s also very good. It’s full of passion and soul, not to mention it's extremely unique. According to ITunes, Woodkid's genre is Alternative. But he’s also been classified as being Neofolk, and I’d have to agree that he is more-so a Neofolk/Experimental artist.

Check out his song Iron here – it’s definitely worth listening to!


As the beat plays on, da-da-dum-da-dum,