Music Monday: Weezer

Weezer is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed together in 1992, and they’ve been kicking out catchy music ever sense. Currently, Weezer has four members including Rivers Cuomo on vocals and guitar, Patrick Wilson on drums, guitar and backing vocals, Brain Bell on guitar, backing vocals and keyboard and Scott Shriner on base, backing vocals, and keyboard.

They’re mostly known for their hits: Buddy Holly, Perfect Situation, Beverly Hills, Undone – The Sweater Song and Perfect Situation.

Today I’m not going to stray from those hits. Their song Pork and Beans is definitely something to listen to when you feel like taking your own path and doing what you know is best for you. It’s extremely catchy, funny and inspirational.

With no further ado,

Weezer with their song Pork and Beans

Stay musical, 

Vicky :)