Music Monday: MGMT

MGMT is an awesome indie pop, psychadelic rock band from Middletown, Connecticut. They've been around for a bit now, since 2002 to be exact. The band was founded by Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. The band also has other members who aren't really front men, but who also play a big part in creating the music. Will Burman plays the percussion, harmonica and helps with the backing vocals. Matt Asi plays bass guitar and percussion. James Richardson plays the keyboards, percussion, does backing vocals and a variety of other instruments.  Hank Sullivant plays guitar.

The front man, Benjamin Goldwasser contributes through vocals, keyboards and guitar. The other front man, Andrew VanWyngarden, contributes through lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass guitar and drums.

MGMT is SERIOUSLY awesome! They play some of my FAVORITE songs, one of which is features below!

Check it out!

MGMT with Kids

Keepin' it musical,