Music Monday: Mackinac

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Mackinac is an awesome guy-girl duo based out of Ann Arbor, MI. They've got a techy-rhythmic sound and the vocals that go with it. Steven Mullan and Angela Sheppard, the members of Mackinac, have been together for the past three years, though they just recently started playing under the name Mackinac this year. When asked about their genre, Mullan and Sheppard will typically respond, "it's something funky." And they're right - it is funky. Funky with catchy beat. It's a good kind of different, an almost electric version of indie-pop. Both Mullan and Sheppard are the vocals for the band and create/produce their music together.

Sheppard is from is from Ann Arbor, MI. She sang as a child, throughout school, and has been performing and producing much as a solo artist for the past four years.

Mullan is from Toledo, Ohio. He grew up singing classical music. As he continued to grow as an artist, he also learned how to play piano/keyboards. He sang opera in college, and soon after began to write his own songs and toured throughout many coffee shops and venues around the Midwest for his solo project.

Both Mullan and Sheppard have a deep appreciation of the arts. So while they're creating music, they also like to incorporate other artists, whether it be photographers, painters, dancers or filmakers in their videos and with their music. Mackinac plans to create more videos and start touring. "We want to start touring by playing house shows and build up to playing Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo," Mackinac said.

The band has a big future ahead of them and will continue making awesome music! They expect to have shows during the summer - so make sure you keep up-to-date on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or website.

Check 'em out!

Keepin' it musical,

Vicky :)