Music Monday: Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell is a beautiful example of what conveying emotion and thought into song should sound like. She's an indie-pop, folk artist originally from England, but she grew up in South Wales. She first became noticed when she competed in Australian Idol. She got very far, placing in sixth. Though she didn't "win," she still came out victorious. She was able to showcase her voice and continued with her journey in the world of music. 


She is more so known in Australia, having been nominated for FIVE Australian Recording Industry Association awards, and winning the Australian Music Prize for her album Wonder in 2009.

Mitchell plays the piano and guitar, and she has a voice that will blow you away, but is still sweet and gentle enough to wrap you in.


Check out ONE of her fabulous songs below:


Pirouette by Lisa Mitchell


Keepin' it musical, 

Vicky :)