Music Monday: Jukebox the Ghost

A friend from class recently introduced me to a butt kickin' indie rock band called Jukebox The Ghost. They won over within the first ten seconds of hearing the piano in their song Schizophrenia. Of course, being the dissector of music that I am, I had to dig more into the band. And let me tell you - they're pretty darn good.

The band has three members. Ben Thornewill on vocals, keyboards and synthesizer. Tommy Siegel on vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, and Jesse Kristin on drums, tambourine, maracas, and shakers (in other words, almost anything percussion.) The band formed in 2003, originating from Washington D.C. but now they're based in Brooklyn.


I could talk up their music all that I want to, but you're not going to understand why they're good until you listen for yourself - so please do lend your ears and listen to their song below.


Jukebox The Ghost with their song Schizophrenia

Stay musical,

Vicky :) 


P.S.  Special thanks to Nadeen for introducing me to some awesome music :)