Music Monday: Jared Gray

matte gray.jpg

As you know, I spent the majority of last week in Nashville, one of the hottest spots, if not THE hottest spot for music in the country. During a night out with my spokester gals, I had the pleasure of hearing the Matte Gray Band. They put on a great show and put out even better music. While I heard mostly covers that night, including a country version of Hey Ya by Outkast, I found out soon after their performance that Jared Gray, the lead vocalist and guitar player of the band, has a whole slew of his own music released. I mean... just search his name on iTunes and you'll be able to see for yourself. He has been playing music and singing since the age of 16, and needless to say, he's phenomenal. As he is from Oklahoma, he and his music are pretty darn country. Still - whatever kind of music you're into, you would definitely be doing your ears a favor listening to some of his songs, and doing yourself an even bigger favor if you watch him perform.


So without any further ado,

I'd like to share with you a sampler of Gray's kickin' new album,




Keepin' it country,

Vicky :)