Music Monday: If Walls Could Talk

Their music is raw, sweet, and beautiful. As artists, they’re talented and upcoming. They’re a local band from Detroit, Michigan, and they just got together in June of 2013. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s time to shed some light on this indie alternative rock band, If Walls Could Talk. Simply put: THEY’RE AWESOME.  The band currently has five members: Anthony Berkseth, the lead vocalist, Ethan Czajka, the lead guitarist, Nick DiStefano, percussionist, Anthony White on vocals and bass, and Steven Fronrath on vocals and keyboard. They have one album out with five songs, each song being well crafted and a pleasure to listen to.

if walls could talk.jpg

The band’s members have won quite a few awards, including Vocalist Student of the Year and Music Performance Student of the Year,  compliments of the band’s lead singer, Anthony Berkseth.

I could rant and rave about this band’s musical talent for a while, but it’s better to take a listen for yourself. Check out their music here.


The band also has an upcoming performance, Saturday, January 4th. They’ll be competing in the Detroit Battle of the Bands at Diesel Concert Lounge, located at 33151 23 Mile Road, Chesterfield, MI 48047.

They’re going to do awesome and could use the support! So make sure you stop by and check them out :)


Keeping it locally musical,