Music Monday: I Miss You

Today I saw off my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew as they left for Germany. I was blessed with an amazing six weeks with them, but time flies, and of course it still doesn't seem to be enough.

For today's music monday, I felt it was fit to dedicate a song to John, Nicole, Joy and John. So rather than tell you all about Blink 182 (who I'm sure you probably already know about ;),) I figured I'd just offer a song.

So, without any further ado,

Blink 182 with their song, I Miss You

And for my family: John, Nicole, Joy and John, know that I love you and that the house already feels empty without you guys running around.  Gosh - what family can do to a girl, hm?


Until next time, 

Vicky :) 


And just for your viewing pleasure, I've added a video of my brother John and niece Joy playing in the pool! 

"Jetski Joy!"