Music Monday: Girls

As March is coming to an end, so is Women’s History Month. It’s amazing to see how much women’s rights and equality has come over time. Now-a-days, girls can do anything they want to do! If a women wants to be a doctor, she can be. She can be a mechanic. She can fight in a war. Women can do A LOT of things, and now, so can men. Men can be nurses. They can stay at home with their children if they choose to.

It’s nice to see the assigned “roles” in society change to be less biased, and more fair and just.

Goldiebox, a toy company, released an AWESOME song about girls not having to fit certain, given roles handed out to them by society. And to me – this also signifies a changing in times, that  we can be who we want to be – no matter what gender we are.


Check it out!

Until next time,

Vicky :)