Music Monday: Friends Forever (Graduation Song)

When I graduated from high school, this was one of my FAVORITE songs. Actually, it still is one of my favorite songs. School is SUCH a big part of our lives. We meet friends, develop hobbies, learn about ourselves, as well as math. Then once high school is over, a lot of us decide to go to college. We keep learning and make new memories...

Friends Forever (Graduation Song) by Vitamin C

Before I get too gushy, I just wanted to share this song as it's fitting. This week, Wednesday to be exact, Michigan First Credit Union will be rolling out the 2014 Scholarship Competition, where you can win up to $10,000 to pay for college, encouraging you to chase your dreams and to make new memories. Make sure you check in this Wednesday for full details.

As I'm listening to Friends Forever on repeat, I'm pretty sure I should stop typing now. My eyes usually start tearing up after I've heard it the 5th time on repeat.


Your teary eyed Spokester,

Vicky :')