Music Monday: Emm Gryner

Monday, Monday I'm done with you

Mondays may very well be one of the most difficult and tedious days in a week. As the saying goes, “the first step is the hardest,” and Mondays are one heck of a first step. Emm Gryner, a Canadian singer/songwriter, captures this difficult day PERFECTLY with her song Ciao Monday.



Gryner is an alternative rock and pop artist. She started off producing her music after graduating college in 1995. She did well on her own, but eventually she started working in David Bowie’s band as a singer and keyboardist. After spending some time with David Bowie, Gryner went back to her solo music and excelled.


And so, if you’re having a hard time getting through this Monday or just miss the weekend, sing along to Emm Gryner's song, Monday.


"Ciao Monday you break my heart
There's a mountain the minute you start
Open the door, you can walk right through
Monday, Monday I'm done with you"

Keepin' it musical, 

Vicky :)