Music Monday: Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon is an extremely talented and well known vocalist, pianist and songwriter. He is the front man for both Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, which are alternative rock bands. He also performs solo music. McMahon first began his journey in music at the age of eight after his uncle, who was also a musician, passed away. McMahon learned how to play piano on his own, and performed solo at school assemblies, without ONCE taking a lesson or knowing how to read music.

After spending some time in the music world, McMahon hit it even bigger with Something Corporate.The band released their first album, Ready… Break in 2000. They released their major label albums, Leaving Through the Window and North, soon after. McMahon then switched his attention over to Jack’s Mannequin, a solo project that soon turned into a whole other band. This band released three albums, including Everything in Transit, The Glass Passenger, and People and Things. 

Jack's Mannequin won an mtvU Woodie Award, called the "Good Woodie Award," for the Dear Jack Foundation. This foundation raises awareness and supports young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer. McMahon himself was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, everything he went through inspired him to create the foundation, as well as touching music.

There's so many songs I want to share on this blog, but as I am forced to choose one, I went for something a little more encouraging than the rest:

Swim by Jack's Mannequin

"I swim for brighter days, despite the absence of sun."

As musical as ever,

Vicky :)