Music Monday: Mike Posner

cooler than me.jpg

You probably know his hit song "Cooler Than Me," as it reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was playing on the radio ALL OF THE TIME. Another two of his songs, "Please Don't Go," and "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" also placed on the Billboard Hot 100.

But what's even cooler about Mike Posner is where he's from. This may be common knowledge for the metro-Detroit area, but I just found out today. Mike Posner was born in Detroit and was raised in Southfield! So get this - if you call Mike Posner a "homeboy," he seriously is... he's straight from the place most of us call home!

big sean n mikey.png

Posner first started producing music when get got together with another Detroit native, Big Sean. Starting in 2009, Posner was also attending Duke University while he recorded and created his music. He recorded and released his second album ""Mike Posner & the Brain Trust," from his dorm room, and then put the album for free onto iTunes U, which is usually used for educational purposed. Strangely enough, the album soon took the number one position on the chart.

Posner represents metro-Detroit really well, and I'm proud to say he's from our area! If anyone is working on their musical career, use him as an inspiration :). You can definitely do whatever it is you put your mind to.

Stay musical, 

Vicky :)