Music Monday: Ghostbusters!

Young & Free St. Louis spokester, Caressa shared an AWESOME song for her Music Monday blog. And as it is the season, having Halloween RIGHT around the corner, I figured it would fit PERFECTLY for Young & Free Michigan's Music Monday blog too. Check out what Caressa had to say below:

"Many of us understand that ghosts, zombies, and many other classic Halloween characters are mythical creatures. Some came to this understanding early, but others took a while. Whether we avoided going in to a basement for years after watching Thir13en Ghosts, or preferred to take the long way home instead of passing the cemetery because of the greatest music video of all time, this song assured us that if any of our fears were to come true, we had someone to count on!"

And I know who I'll call - the Ghostbusters!! :)


Until next time, 

Vicky :)