Music Monday: Wake Owl

Hello everyone! And welcome to Music Monday!

Because this is the very first one, I'll explain exactly what "Music Monday" is first. Music Monday is going to be a weekly blog post discussing an up and coming band, a really good song, concerts or almost ANYTHING you can think of that could be placed under the category of music.

Even though I like to think the music I listen to is, well, the best ;), I know there's tons of music out there and everyone has their own taste. So if you ever have a band or song or musical-event you'd like to share, feel free to let me know! Tweet, message, comment - anything. It might just be featured on our Music Monday page!


So without any further ado,

The first band I'd like to feature on our Music Monday page is...

Wake Owl, with their song, Wild Country.

In some weird way, I almost feel like I'd be doing an injustice if they were NOT the first band featured. I recently heard Wild Country on the radio driving home from work a few days ago. I instantly fell in love - and there was no way I could keep you guys from hearing about them (if you haven't heard already.) The band has four members: Colyn Cameron, Aiden Brant-Briscall, Josh Daignault and Andy Shauf. Wake Owl definitely has an Alternative Rock feel and they've produced a lot of other good music apart from Wild Country that I promise is worth checking out, so I suggest you do!

Keepin' it musical,